Brows for Bros

Chewbacca Alert – did you know that a pair of untamed eyebrows can boast as many as 1100 hairs? In a cruel irony (perhaps offering definitive proof that God is, in fact, a woman) while the hair on your head thins with age, eyebrows just keep getting thicker and longer. Beat around the bush by leaving brows untamed and before you know it you’ll be sporting a carpet on your forehead.The good news is that bushy brows signal healthy testosterone levels. The bad news is that unruly eyebrows are right up there with gnarly toenails in the grooming crimes stakes.

What’s a Bloke to do?

Brows can make or break a face. Bold brows frame the face and highlight features. A good brow is a full, dark, natural looking brow – a brow that looks untouched but is, in fact, strategically groomed. If you notice a mono-brow starting to emerge or if wiry rogue hairs are erupting beyond your brow line – it’s time to make a man-scaping manoeuvre.

Taming the Beasts

DIY attempts to drastically deal to your brows can be fraught with danger. Razors are a no-go zone – you could end up removing huge hunks of hair. Likewise, getting over-enthusiastic with the scissors could leave you looking like the victim of a stag night gone wrong … and it’s a very trusting (or gullible) guy who’ll let his partner loose with a pair of tweezers.

Go with the Pros

If you want to avoid looking like a permanently startled post-plastic-surgery Sly Stallone, our advice is to go with the pros. A professional will recognise that subtlety is the key and will tailor the brow-scaping specifically for your face shape and brow hairs.

Lassoo em Cowboy

Threading uses a cotton thread to lasso hairs and pull them out from their follicles. It’s quick, painless and lasts for up to six weeks. Best of all, it achieves a super-subtle natural looking brow. Great for guys who want to look groomed without looking like they’ve been groomed.