How to Spa


We always recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment


Arriving at least ten minutes early allows you to make the most of your time with us. We do our best to conclude treatments gently at the scheduled time.


If you are unable to attend your appointment please give us at least 24 hours prior notice to avoid the full charge for unused spa time.

Health / Special Requests

Help us tailor your treatment by letting us know if you have any special health considerations such as pregnancy. Our highly trained therapists are there to provide the experience that suit your needs.



Spa blissfully – be sure turn your phone off or set it to silent.


As an essential ingredient of holistic therapy, we keep the air in our spa absolutely smoke free.


We encourage you not to undermine the therapeutic value of your treatment by consuming alcohol prior.


Make the most of your facial by shaving at least three hours before your treatment.


Spa time is time out for you. For their health and safety, children under the age of 6yrs are not permitted into treatment rooms. Please arrange alternative care for your children away from the spa while you and the other patrons take time out with us.


Your therapist will advise in advance, which items of attire are best removed at certain stages of your treatment. You will be carefully and discretely draped with towels to ensure your complete privacy at all times.


Jewellery and other valuables will be left unattended. We recommend keeping them at home to avoid misplacing, losing or leaving them behind. We accept no responsibility for any lost items.

Special Requests

Our spa concierge is there to look after you and assist with your enquiries or special requests – be it assistance with parking, catered lunches, or if you are planning a group function and wish to design a customised spa package.