LED Light Treatment

The most powerful skin rejuvenation and regeneration treatment. Skin gains a healthy glow after one LED session, ideal before an event. Enjoy a luxury skin cleanse, LED light treatment and beautiful, hydrating application of CODAGE Paris skincare.

Personalised for your skin needs, red light (633nm) or near-infrared light (830nm).

Add-on to any Facial for an anti-aging boost - 20mins $70

30 Min $120

LED Light Bootcamp

An intensive skin programme to give fast, lasting results within a week. Skin will appear youthful, smooth, dewy and plump. Ideal as a recovery treatment or for those wanting longer-lasting results.

3 x LED Light facials in one week for maximum skin rejuvenation. Red light (633nm)

30 Min $350

LED Light 28 Day Programme

The ultimate skin rejuvenation schedule for lasting visibly youthful skin. Ideal for events or wedding preparation for plumper, glowing, rejuvenated skin. Our LED light therapy course improves the lasting effects seen after an LED session. The programme softens the appearance of the skin, fine lines and improves your skin’s natural ability to renew and repair. Skin health and appearance improve through active regeneration of your skin for radiant results others will notice.

Total of 10 sessions.

45 Min $899

LED Light Treatment - Add-On to any Facial

Add on an LED red light treatment to any facial - Anti-aging and skin rejuvenation boost.

30 Min $50

LED Complimentary Consultation

Unsure which treatment or what course to take to achieve the skin results you want? Book a short complimentary consultation with one of our experienced therapists to find out more.