Our Response to COVID‑19

Moving forward, conscious of COVID

We are pleased to share details about our safety plans and how we intend to offer guests peace of mind in the spa environment.

The Pandemic Playbook

We believe that prevention is better than cure, now is time to embrace spa and touch therapies. They inspire a sense of calm and connection, while boosting immunity and alleviating anxieties we may be experiencing during these unpredictable times. We are pleased to be able to offer health and wellness to our guests during a time when personal wellbeing is paramount.

We developed and will be exercising our ‘Pandemic Playbook’ - a response plan which outlines rigorous spa safety measures to protect our customers and our people. It was created using the strictest guidelines from the New Zealand Government and global health authorities.

Our Pandemic Playbook was penned to provide guests with clarity and certainty, so you can spa in confidence knowing your wellbeing and safety is being looked after by like-minded individuals.

Our staff are extensively trained in exercising our pandemic plans which are audited regularly and easily adaptable to changes.

Your health is our priority, we have all bases covered moving forward, being conscious of COVID

How did we develop these safety measures

Our spa experts teamed with over two decades of experience operating high-standard global spas, formed our Pandemic Playbook for spas. The procedures were developed on the basis of well-known methods of transmission of COVID-19 via droplets expelled by coughing, sneezing, talking or from contact off surfaces. Activities and actions are planned and executed around accepted methods of reducing risk of spread in the spa setting. Physical distancing is not possible in most cases of spa treatments so stringent measures will be exercised to protect our customers and staff against potential spread of COVID-19.

What to expect on your next visit

  • If you or someone else around you is unwell, please take care and stay home. Please do not visit the spa while unwell, particularly if your symptoms are consistent with COVID-19. Symptoms include fever, shortness of breath, coughing and a mild tickly throat or a noticeably sore throat. Please only return once you have obtained Doctor’s Clearance.
  • We have set the maximum capacity for each spa location.
  • Please take guidance from our staff as you enter the spa. We have designated standing areas while being seen at reception and designated seating areas.
  • Spa consultation forms are emailed or text to our customers prior to your spa visit. Please complete and submit these as soon as possible. We may ask you to verify your email address to complete this.
  • Our team will be wearing face masks or PPE which are specific to their role or treatment. We have disposable face masks and gloves available for you during your spa visit.
  • Please notice, our ‘Peace of Mind’ stations around the spa. These are small podiums set up with hand sanitiser, tissues and rubbish bins for your comfort and use anytime during your visit.
  • We have always had high benchmarks for hygiene, such as single-use tools and autoclaves for sterilisation. However you may notice these have increased, regular disinfection of high touch counters, hard surfaces, handles etc of shared and private areas. We only use the hospital grade disinfectant or 70% alcohol sprays to ensure complete sanitisation. Other strict hygiene measures include ways to prevent cross-contamination and reduce risks such as pre and post treatment procedures, linen pack down procedures and full room wipe downs.
  • Please be aware, for the safety of all patrons, should an individual present at the spa display symptoms consistent with COVID-19, the company reserves the right of refusal of service. In this situation, services will cease immediately and admission at the spa be withdrawn until Doctor’s clearance be obtained.

How to spa while away

If you aren’t able to join us at the spa, you may wish enjoy our online spa experience, by visiting our online store or try our Virtual Consultations with a spa expert via phone or video calling. We will continue to offer contactless delivery or pick up of spa vouchers, E-Certificates and skincare products nationwide.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or enquiries about the steps we are taking to protect our clients and our team, please email your spa concierge.