Spring Signature Yoga Facial

Our exotic intensive yoga facial is a unique blend of deep lymphatic massage paired with a bespoke, detoxifying skin treatment range.

Muscle tone is improved through lifting and detoxifying massage, which helps clear skin tone. Our specialist team have designed muscle movements and manipulations to lift and enhance facial contours and give a fresh glow back to tired, sagging skin.

-60min Signature Yoga Facial

60 Min $150


Upgrade your tips and toes all season with this indulgent springtime duo.

Kick back and repair winter torn skin with a Shellac manicure and warm paraffin dip. Followed up with a rejuvenating Spring pedicure to ensure your toes are ready to shine for the warmer weather ahead.

-30min Shellac Manicure

-15min Warm Paraffin Dip

-45min Spring Pedicure

90 Min $145