Winter Luxury Journey 2021

As winter’s harsh months take their toll on our bodies treat yourself by indulging in our luxurious limited-edition spa experience.

A 60min hot stone massage using warm basalt stones paired with a gentle scalp massage using CODAGE L’Huile. Be lulled into a state of bliss as we unknot sore ligaments and soothe tired muscles.

- 60min Hot Stone Massage

- 15min CODAGE L’Huile Scalp Massage

- Goju Turmeric Shot

*Bookings available from 1 June to 1 September 2020 at Spring Spas across NZ. Vouchers purchased for this promotion must be redeemed by 1 September 2020.

75 Min $170

Spring Wellbeing Experience

An immersive remedy for those needing rest and relaxation.

Beginning with guided breathing, melt into the experience with a warm foot bath of traditionally blended oils with healing salt before a full body massage with velvety avocado butter.

A healthy complexion is restored with a gentle hydration mask and specialised sleep massage of the head and neck. A silky blend of botanical oils are smoothed over the skin to complete the treatment.

Ideal for those with a busy lifestyle, travellers or where unwinding or sleep is a concern.

A relaxation journey that includes:
-Botanical Foot Bath and Scrub
-Guided breathing and relaxation
-Sleep-inducing full-body relaxation massage
-CODAGE Paris mini facial with specialised sleep head and neck massage

75 Min $150

Rest and Rebalance

Our reflexologists gently work their way across the soles of your feet, traveling along and stimulating the meridian lines and energy points to induce deep relaxation . Richly nourishing, warm mandarin and macadamia oils blended with plum, peach and rosehip support and promote healthy, soft feet and skin.

60 Min $100