1. PictureThis

If you have been spending your days foraging in the garden or taking brisk walks around your block then you may be pondering the species of a plant or two. Here to take the guess work out is PictureThis, not only identifying any fauna or flora image but also giving you a plethora of handy advice, including how to deal with all those pesky weeds!

2. dminder

Increasing your time outside over lockdown? Be sure to track your Vitamin D. dminder tracks the Vitamin D you get from the sun. The sun is by far the best source of Vitamin D, and dminder allows you to optimise levels based on your location, body type, and time of day, all while making sure you stay safe by warning you of any risk to your skin getting burned.

3. Mindset: Hypnosis for Stress

Your mindset affects the way you behave, your outlook on life, and your attitude towards everything going on around you. With Mindset, you can retrain your automatic thoughts and learn helpful life skills to feel more positive & in control every day.

4. Clue Period and Cycle Tracker

You may find yourself forgetting which day of the week it is but Clue wont.

The Clue app accurately predicts your period, helps you understand your symptoms, and can be used as a reliable ovulation app, menstrual calendar, fertility tracker, birth control pill reminder, and menstrual cycle tracker complete with your period history.

5 Yoga Nidra: Sacred Sleep INAS CHOICE

Sleep is integral to our wellbeing, performance and productivity. Yoga Nidra is designed to help you reduce stress, relax deeply, and start healing. These authentic yoga techniques rooted in tradition are a sure-fire way to drift you off to dreamland.