When everyone is included, everyone wins.

Our first blog post in our inclusion and diversity series which celebrates our team members backgrounds, race, religion and cultures.

Wiwik is from Bali, Indonesia and like many of us, is a global citizen. She joined the Spring Spa & East Day Spa team over 3 years ago. In her travels as a therapist, she has worked in 5-star properties in Langkawi Malaysia, Dubai and New Zealand.

Q: How did you manage living overseas and what, if any challenges did you experience?

A: I discovered a love for travel and to experience new and different cultures. I had to get used to different foods and ways to communicate. I was lucky in Malaysia as we have very similar languages and in Dubai, people spoke English and I always wanted to improve my English skills. I really enjoyed the cultural diversity in Dubai and in New Zealand I am so happy to share my work with fellow Balinese/Indonesian colleagues as well as from Southeast Asia.

I would say that challenges are often with communication or comprehension and these are skills I have learned along the way. Patience and mutual respect always work the best.

Q: What have you taken with you, what skills have you learnt while working at East Day Spa?

A: Be passionate about your occupation and always look to improving your skill set. Little things you do go a long way, be kind and always be professional.

Q: Where would you say your motivation comes from?

A: I would have to say from the support of the company, the great clients I have come to enjoy treating and empowering our team by imparting the technical skills and knowledge I have learned along the way.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: I love to cook local Balinese food and practice Balinese dance taught to me by my grandmother.